Unique Eugene Tours

Unique Eugene ToursEugene is filled with an incredible number of stories. Sometimes, it might be a little overwhelming to attempt to learn more about them. Luckily, you can dig a little deeper while enjoying yourself when you go on any of these excellent specialized tours. Exploring the area's Victorian history, camping out in the middle of the state, or casually strolling through downtown are just a few examples of the types of tours that you can experience when you spend some quality time in Eugene.

Trips Inc
Let the professionals from Trips, Inc. do all the planning and preparations for your next big adventure in Oregon. The company offers many enticing tour packages, but one of the most popular is the Camping Trip in Central Oregon. Experience what it feels like to be a pioneer as you get back to nature in the 1.8-million-acre Deschutes National Forest. Enjoy your time in a cabin that is in close proximity to Scuttle Lake where you can swim and canoe to your heart's content. You can also enjoy such activities as archery, fishing, and various other unlimited outdoor recreation activities. All camping equipment is provided–all you need to bring are pillows and sleeping bags!

Web: www.tripsinc.com

Sunshine Limo Service
Everyone knows that drinking wine and driving don't mix–unless you're not the one doing the driving! Enjoy a classy and unique tour when you let Eugene's Sunshine Limo Service do the driving while you enjoy not only the ride, but a sumptuous bottle of wine on their Oregon Wine Tour. When you take this tour, you'll have the option of choosing which of the area's many wineries you'll visit. Choose from tours to Portland, Salem, Albany, Eugene and Roseburg–all western Oregon destinations. Oregon is the 4th largest wine-producing state in the country, and this tour will highlight some of the area's most inviting vintages.

Web: http://www.sunshinelimoservice.com

Evviva Cycling Tours
There's nothing quite like seeing the world from behind the handlebars of a bicycle. This truly allows you to commune with the natural surroundings as you travel through the area. Instead of just traveling a few miles, take your biking experience to the next level by going on a specialized bike tour with Evviva Cycling Tours. Choose from packages that will take you through various points of interest in the Pacific Northwest that include Willamette Valley, the Pacific Coastline, and various memorable stops in between. Your expert guide will also help to ensure your safety as you go on this truly one-of-a-kind bike tour.

Web: evvivacyclingtours.wordpress.com

King Estate
The wines produced by King Estate are comparable to the wines produced in Napa Valley. See how the professionals do what they do to create one of the most respected wines in the state of Oregon by taking a highly informative and entertaining tour of their facility. The lush, expansive area only adds to the allure and mystique of the whole process of creating this memorable vintage. Other special events take place at this winery at various times, so check their website before you head out. No trip to the area is complete without a visit to the King Estate!

Web: www.kingestate.com

RV Caravan Tours
Seeing the world by traveling in an RV is something that everyone should do. And if you happen to be traveling through Eugene, you can take part in a truly different type of tour with the RV Caravan Tour. Excursions are scheduled at various times, and feature several RV owners ready to form a caravan led by the tour company’s leader. You will be guided through some of the area's best spots and of course, will have the advantage of traveling in a group of fellow RV enthusiasts!

Address: PO Box 10931, Eugene, OR 97440
Phone: (541) 686-3038

Step into the regal charm of the Victorian era when you take a tour of the Shelton McMurphey Johnson House Museum. In addition to featuring some truly stunning Victorian architecture both inside and outside of this magnificent structure, you'll also get a sharp picture of what life was like back in the Victorian era with the aid of an impressive collection of antiques, artifacts and mementos that all add to the vivid historical picture that the entire museum creates.

Address: 303 Willamette Street, Eugene, OR 97401 - MAP
Phone: (541) 484-0808
Web: www.smjhouse.org