Family Attractions in Eugene

Family Attractions in EugeneWhile it may be true that every member of your family has wide and various interests, that obvious fact should not be a deterrent from getting everyone together for a day of fun. Luckily, Eugene offers several attractions that offer plenty to do and see that will hold the interest of even your most restless family member. So get ready to explore science, art and nature (just to name a few ideas) when you enjoy these family-friendly activities in Eugene.

Willamette National Forest
Getting out and getting a little exercise is something that the whole family will enjoy when you make the Willamette National Forest your destination. This expansive natural attraction along Highway 58 offers many opportunities for fun outdoor adventures. Make a big splash at the Dexter and Lookout Point reservoirs for a swim, a boat ride or an afternoon of fishing. Plus, there are plenty of expansive areas for a picnic, a friendly game of catch or just lounging on a blanket while enjoying the sunshine.

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Lake Creek Falls Fish Ladder
Finding a fun and educational attraction that the whole family can enjoy during the fall and winter months can be a bit of a challenge. But not when you decide to take the clan up to the Lake Creek Falls Fish Ladder. The latter part of the year offers you the chance to see the spawning steelhead and Coho and Chinook salmon as they migrate through the ladder. There is also a popular Watchable Wildlife site located at the concrete ladder that you will definitely want to check out.

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Skinner Butte Park
In an era of video games and computers, it is an even bigger challenge to keep everyone in your family active. A great activity that everyone will love is hitting the trail at Eugene's Skinner Butte Trail. This is a moderate one-mile trek through the forest that will prove to be as much fun as it is relaxing. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Willamette River as well as equally stunning views of downtown Eugene and other picturesque attractions surrounding the city. Don't forget to bring the camera!

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Hult Center for the Performing Arts
Broadening your family's outlook can sometimes be a challenge, but luckily, a trip to the Hult Center for the Performing Arts offers them a chance to see several different kinds of artistic expression and entertainment attractions in action. The center is not only home of the city's symphony and ballet, but it also offers a steady and impressive series of musical performances, dramatic productions and various theatrical presentations that will delight the whole family.

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In a world where your kids may feel like they can't touch anything, it will be a welcome relief for them to be encouraged to reach out and get their hands all over the many exhibits at the Science Factory's Children's Museum and Exploration Dome. Exploration is truly the object of the game at this amazing facility that features fun and interactive science and technology exhibits and attractions as well as live shows and full-dome videos that make learning about science a truly fun and memorable experience.

Address: 2300 Leo Harris Parkway, Eugene, OR 97401 - MAP
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Riverplay Discovery Village Playground
Mom and dad will love the fact that the kids can learn about Eugene's history while getting some great exercise when visiting the Riverplay Discovery Village Playground. This is one of the largest playgrounds in the state and offers visitors a chance to experience the state's history and culture in a truly unique way. Creative play attractions and state-of-the-art features are the order of the day here, as the kids will enjoy climbing a 25-foot replica of Skinner Butte, uncovering fossils and exploring a replica of old pioneer villages.

Address: 210 Cheshire Street, Skinner Park along the Willamette River, Eugene, OR 97401 - MAP